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About Ngwah

Ngwah is a 100% Saudi leader company in food delivery industry established in 2017 and raised a couple of inverstment rounds. Ngwah is powered by a very advanced technologies developed locally by Saudi engineers and many of those technologies are based on machine learning and AI algorithms where Ngwah select the best food and restaurants that fit you as a customer.

Ngwah have many powerful features including:

  • Very fast delivery from hundreds of restaurants in Riyadh
  • Smart restaurants and menu listing based on customer behavior
  • No minimum order charges
  • Focused on mostly trainded Saudi delivery partners
  • All process are done automatically to guarantee fast delivery
  • A detected special force team to take actions in case anything went wrong
  • Live order tracking on map
  • Ability to make multiple orders at once
  • And many more features..

VAT certification

Ngwah is registerd in Saudi under VAT number: 310154155600003

Ngwah VAT certification